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You are viewing documentation for Immuta version 2023.2.

For the latest version, view our documentation for Immuta SaaS or the latest self-hosted version.

Enable Snowflake table grants

  1. Navigate to the App Settings page.
  2. Scroll to the Native Integration Settings section.
  3. Ensure the Snowflake Governance Features checkbox is checked. It is enabled by default.
  4. Ensure the Snowflake Table Grants checkbox is checked. It is enabled by default.
  5. Opt to change the Role Prefix. Snowflake table grants creates a new Snowflake role for each Immuta user. To ensure these Snowflake role names do not collide with existing Snowflake roles, each Snowflake role created for Snowflake table grants requires a common prefix. When using multiple Immuta accounts within a single Snowflake account, the Snowflake table grants role prefix should be unique for each Immuta account. The prefix must adhere to Snowflake identifier requirements and be less than 50 characters. Once the configuration is saved, the prefix cannot be modified; however, the Snowflake table grants feature can be disabled and re-enabled to change the prefix.

  6. Finish configuring your integration by following one of these guidelines:

    • New Snowflake integration: Set up a new Snowflake integration by following the configuration tutorial.
    • Existing Snowflake integration (automatic setup): You will be prompted to enter connection information for a Snowflake user. Immuta will execute the migration to Snowflake table grants using a connection established with this Snowflake user. The Snowflake user you provide here must have Snowflake privileges to run these privilege grants.
    • Existing Snowflake integration (manual setup): Immuta will display a link to a migration script you must run in Snowflake and a link to a rollback script for use in the event of a failed migration. Important: Execute the migration script in Snowflake before clicking Save on the app settings page.

Snowflake table grants private preview migration

To migrate from the private preview version of Snowflake table grants (available before September 2022) to the generally available version of Snowflake table grants, follow the steps in the migration guide.